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Overview of DPC Eastern Europe Division One Matches for May 25

Published at: 2023-05-25 17:14:00

May 25 doesn’t have the most packed schedule of the EEU Summer DPC Tour, as we’ll only have two matches for this day. Up first is a strong BetBoom facing a struggling One Move, finished with Team Spirit playing against Virtus.Pro.

BetBoom 2-0 One Move

For this particular matchup, BetBoom were clear favorites, currently sitting 2-0 without dropping a single game. On the other hand, One Move sits in the middle of the table with a 2-2 record. They have to turn things around now if they want to make it to the Bali Major.

Game 1

BetBoom managed to get an exceptional Magnus lineup, with Chaos Knight and Pangolier both benefiting from Empower. BetBoom started the game strong, but One Move posed a few hurdles to maintaining their chances of winning. 

It was at the 35-minute mark that One Move got baited by Pure’s Magnus, forcing One Move into a horrendous fight to put BetBoom in absolute control of the game. It took BetBoom some time, but 10 minutes later, they could close the game out with their superior gold lead.

Game 2 - Game To Watch

In Game 2, One Move had a better laning draft, picking strong laning heroes such as Techies and Undying. They knew that they'd have to win their lanes if they wanted to stand a chance against BetBoom. 

The strategy helped them get out of the laning phase even but wasn’t enough to carry on to help them win the game. BetBoom won the game-deciding fight at the Bottom Roshan area despite buybacks coming in from the side of One Move. BetBoom’s lead grew bigger and bigger, and One Move had to tap out at the 40-minute mark. 

Team Spirit 2-1 Virtus.Pro

Team Spirit have only played one series this DPC Summer Tour and surprisingly dropped a game to UALEIKUMNIHAO. This loss may show signs of shakiness on the Spirit side and Virtus.Pro look to capitalize on that in this match.


Game 1 

Virtus.Pro started Game 1 very strongly, with Kiritych on Chaos Knight and squad1x on Void Spirit dominating their respective lanes. The early game advantage for VP was converted to an excellent mid-game, taking great fights and killing off Spirit heroes one after the other. Squad1x had an incredible performance on his Void Spirit to help VP win Game 1, ending the match with a KDA of 10/0/10 in the 24-minute game. 

Game 2

There’s something about Team Spirit and losing their first game of the series. This time, Larl made up for his lackluster performance last game with a fantastic display of his Pangolier. Team Spirit had a much better laning phase, coming out with a 4,000 gold lead at 11 minutes. 

Spirit took it slow and steady until the 38-minute mark, where they hit the gas. It took some time for Team Spirit to close out the game, but eventually got the job done 41 minutes in with a kill score of 22-6.

Game 3

In Game 3, Spirit again went for a Magnus pick for Collapse, pairing it up with Yatoro and his Juggernaut, a hero he has recently been finding massive success with. This time, squad1x couldn't match his performance in Game 1 and struggled on his Ember Spirit. On top of Yatoro and Collapse finding good farm, Larl showed an exceptional performance on his Storm Spirit, ending the game 10/2/9 to hand VP their second loss of the season.

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