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Overview of DPC WEU Division One matches for May 24

Published at: 2023-05-24 23:08:00

May 24 is an exhilarating day in the first division of Western Europe, with three matches being played today. For today, we have Tundra taking on Quest Esports, followed by Entity seeking revenge on Gaimin Gladiators, and ending the day off with a Division II rematch of D1 Hustlers and Team Secret.

Tundra 2-1 Quest

Tundra were heavy favorites coming into this matchup, but Quest were able to put up a contest. Here’s a quick summary of what happened in this spicy series.

Game 1

In Game 1 of the series, Tundra ostensibly came out of the drafting stage with a better draft. Despite having minor trouble in the first ten minutes, Tundra showed why they were the better team and quickly swept Quest in 31 minutes.

Game 2

Game 2 had Quest Esports showing much finer form than Game 1, as they came out of the first 20 minutes swinging, building up a 5,000 gold lead by the 22-minute mark. Quest took a massive team fight at the top Roshan area to propel their lead further and control the game. Though it took some time, Quest finally ended the game in the 61st minute after picking off both Tundra supports without buyback.

Game 3 - Game To Watch

Our game to watch for this Tundra versus Quest series has to be Game 3. Tundra controlled the first 20 minutes of the game after a tremendous laning stage. Despite the lack of map control, Quest could still find respectable farm on TA2000’s Morphling, along with some good pickoffs from No!ob’s Windranger to make the game competitive. Tundra had complete control of the game at the 42-minute mark with a 21,000 lead after winning a huge team fight at the bottom side of the map.

Despite the gold deficit, Quest were still able to show some signs of resistance until the game-defining team fight happened in the Dire triangle. Nine on his Timbersaw was quickly burst to death but bought back and immediately returned to the fight. Nine managed to deal immense damage and earn himself a double rampage to help Tundra get Mega Creeps and end the game shortly after.

Gaimin Gladiators 2-1 Entity

Entity didn’t have the most fabulous start to their DPC season, and their opponents today aren’t easy. The series went all the way to three maps. Let’s check out what happened.

Game 1 - Game To Watch

Entity and Gaimin Gladiators gave the fans an intense Game 1. Though Gaimin Gladiators won the laning phase, Entity quickly punched back with a 5,000 gold lead in the 25th minute. The game was extremely back-and-forth, with both teams exchanging team fights and pickoffs to keep the game close.

Despite the game being tight, it was evident that Entity’s draft scaled better into the late game, and that was precisely what happened. On his Morphling, watson had a stellar performance to push Entity onto the finish line, with an ending KDA of 19/1/8.

Game 2

Losing Game 1 wasn’t going to shake the best team in the world, as Gaimin Gladiators adjusted and had a terrific draft for Game 2. The laning stage came out even for both teams, but Gaimin Gladiators quickly showed their superiority over Entity. The Gladiators took it slow and steady to win spotlessly.

Game 3

In Game 3, Gaimin showed that their loss in the first game was a total fluke. Starting from the 8-minute mark, the game went out of Entity’s control, and the Gladiators capitalized on every single mistake from the Entity side. Game 3 ended in a clean 27-minute victory for the number-one-ranked team in the world. 

Team Secret 2-0 D1 Hustlers

Today's last match featured Secret and D1 Hustlers, the two teams that got promoted from Division II. Here’s all you need to know.

Game 1

In the first game of this matchup, Team Secret ended their draft with a cheese Huskar 24th counter-pick against adzantick’s Ember Spirit. Team Secret completely blew D1 Hustlers out of the laning phase with a 5,000 gold lead before the clock even hit 10. Secret converted their lead into a 33-minute victory.

Game 2

Team Secret didn’t go for any nasty last picks this time, but the same story repeated. Secret built up a 4,000 gold lead 10 minutes in and continued to press their advantage. D1 Hustlers looked like they were completely lost and didn’t have an answer for Team Secret. 26-minutes in, GG was called by D1 Hustlers with an ending kill score of 32-7. A dominant showing from Team Secret today.

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